Helping patients achieve their best vision
and look amazing since 2014!

Welcome to Vista Point Eye Care! We are conveniently located on Douglas Boulevard between Sunrise Ave. and Sierra Gardens, in the Ross shopping center. 

Our team of professionals is committed to helping you achieve optimal visual performance with stylish frames and sunglasses, vision enhancing lens designs and treatments, and an amazing variety of contact lens options, including specialty RGP, hybrid, astigmatism correcting, and multifocals.  In addition, Dr. Barber protects ocular health using some of the latest technologies in ocular measurement and diagnostic imaging. 


Our mission is to help our patients maximize vision and safeguard their ocular health while providing outstanding customer service.

Our services include: 

Comprehensive eye exams            

Contact lens fittings

Specialty contact lens fittings
Color vision evaluations

Binocular vision evaluations

Glaucoma evaluations

Urgent care ocular health 

Dry eye management

Blepharitis management

Cataract pre- and post- op care

LASIK pre- and post op care          

Color vision evaluations


Let our team impress you with their optical knowledge and excellent customer service.

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- Comprehensive eye exams

- Contact lens fittings

- Specialty contact lens fittings

- Urgent care ocular health appts

- LASIK pre and post op care

- Cataract pre and post op care 

- Glaucoma evaluations

- Dry eye management

- Color vision evaluations featuring Enchroma color enhancing lenses


1221 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Ste 150

Roseville, CA 95678

(next door to Whitney Oaks Insurance)

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